Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I almost lost Akira today! / J'ai failli perdre Akira aujourd'hui!


// What a scary day today has been! 

It started off well, Akira wanted to go to the park so I brought him there. When we got there he got fussy, not wanting to go in the dogs' section prefering instead the humans' where he is not allowed. Since he was not cooperative, I decided to head back home.

On our way, I stopped in front of a bakery to do some window-shopping when I suddenly felt a snap. I turned around and saw that Akira somehow got unhooked from his leash! To make matters worse he knew he was now loose ans started running like a mad man towards the park. Since he had to cross two busy streets to get there, I started panicking as I was sure he was going to get hit. The people on the sidewalk were scared and instead of trying to catch him, they gave him way (totally understandable by the way). I was screaming like at the top of my lungs for him to come back but he was already too far and running too fast.

Salvation came in the form of a woman walking her two dogs. Akira initially passed them at full speed but quickly turned around to give them a quick sniff and I was able to catch him. I was so, so, SO relieved !

Now I cannot trust my leash even though its made for big dogs. I don't know what to do to walk Akira safely, I'm thinking of using two leashes attached to his harness and his collar. It does seem like too much but Akira's leashes have the weird tendency to become unhooked without any reason. In anyways I'm glad he's safe!

** The next episode of Akira's winter vacation is coming very soon.


// Quelle journée éprouvante que ça a été!

Tout avait bien commencé, Akira voulait aller au parc donc je l'y ai amené. Quand nous sommes arrivés il a commencé à faire son difficile car il ne voulait pas aller dans l'allée pour chien, préférant les allées où il est interdit. Comme il faisait son difficile, j'ai repris le chemin de l'appartement.

Sur notre chemin, je me suis arrêtée devant une pâtisserie histoire de faire du lèche-vitrine quand j'ai soudainement entendu un déclic. Je me suis retournée et j'ai vu qu'Akira s'était détaché de ma laisse! Pire, Akira s'est aperçu de sa liberté et s'est mis à courir comme un fou vers le parc. Comme il devait traverser deux rues pour se rendre là-bas, j'ai commencé à paniquer car je le voyais déjà se faire écraser par une voiture. Les gens sur le trottoir ont eu peur et au lieu d'essayer de l'attraper, ils l'ont laissé passer (je comprends leur réaction). Je criais comme une folle pour qu'il revienne mais il s'était déjà trop éloigné et il courrait trop vite.

Notre salut est arrivé sous la forme d'une dame qui se baladait avec ses deux chiens. Akira a commencé par les dépasser en courant mais il s'est rapidement retourné pour leur dire bonjour et j'ai été capable de l'attraper. J'étais tellement soulagée!

Maintenant, je ne peux plus faire confiance à ma laisse même si elle a été conçue pour les gros chiens. Je ne sais plus quoi prendre pour sortir Akira, je vais peut-être essayer deux laisses attachées à son collier et son harnais. Je sais, ça peut sembler excessif mais les laisses d'Akira ont la fâcheuse tendance de se détacher sans raison. Au moins je suis contente qu'il soit sain et sauf.

** La suite des vacances d'hiver bientôt


jen said...

I found that traditional clasps, like the one you use your thumb to lower the movable part to close the clasp, get tangled and can open on their own.
And shibas are wiggly. So bad combo.

I use leashes with the lobster claw type clasps work way better, its harder to open for the human thumb, so safer for the wiggly dog.

Like this:

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah I don't use the traditional ones because we had too many close calls when he was still a puppy.

Our is kind of like the first one (http://www.sz-wholesale.com/uploadFiles/ALLOY%20CLASP%20%20__________________965.jpg)
I might have to look for a new leash and try the lobster clasp but it's hell doing so in Paris since everything seems to be made for little doll-like dogs!

I guess, I'll look on the internet!

Melissa said...

How frantic you must have felt! I know the feeling exactly. It happened to us too when we were brushing Niko outside, his collar became loose from the brushing/shedding of fur. good thing Akira is safe now.

jenna said...

I use leashes with the lobster claw clasp as well. And make sure you check your leash and hardware periodically for wear and tear. Snick had a nice run across the west side of Manhattan once when his leash hardware popped apart at the point where it swivels.

nic said...

wow, i'm so glad akira was caught. just reading about those blog posts about the shibas getting loose and running through streets makes my heart pump like crazy.

i have (although i haven't used it much) this harness and leash set that has two connecting parts (http://www.petexpertise.com/products-for-giant-large-dogs/halti-front-attachment-no-pull-harness.html). it's quite convenient to be able to attach the leash in front or the back of the dog (as well as both). at least in this case, if one comes loose, you still have the other. check it out...

Cynthia said...

Melissa: Geez that must have been scary too, I never tought it could happen!

Jenna: Wow that must have been scary too! I checked my leash over and over and it works well and looks good! It's really puzzling.

Nic: I walked Akira with tho leashes one on his collar and one on his harness but the problem is my BF does not want to do it :(

I think I'm going to buy a harness kind of like that when I go back to Canada.