Friday, November 05, 2010

All is well and the leaves are falling

Fall Symphony-1

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Fall Symphony-9

This year’s fall looks so much better than two lasts I've spent in Paris! Akira is still a sweet little dog however he now needs to be leashed everywhere.

At the park where we go, there's a section for humans and a section for dogs without a door on neither entrances. Akira has taken a likening to get out of the dogs' section and run like a madman on the grass on the other side. It was quite humiliating trying to catch him especially since mister Akira thought we were playing. I was relieved when I got a hold of him before he saw to poneys or scared the children.

He had so much fun that he did the same thing a couple of days after that. Well, now he’s always leashed and we’re working on obedience.


Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais je trouve que cet automne est le plus beau que je n’aie jamais passé à Paris. Akira est toujours un petit chien adorable mais maintenant je dois le garder en laisse partout.

Au parc où nous allons, il y a une section pour les humains et une pour les chiens. Les deux entrées sont séparées mais il n’y a pas de porte.  Akira a pris goût à sortir de la section canine pour courir comme un chien fou sur la pelouse chez les humains. Ça a été particulièrement humiliant d’essayer de l’attraper car monsieur Akira pensait qu’on jouait. J’ai été soulagée de l’attraper avant qu’il voit les poneys ou fasse peur aux enfants.

Il a eu tellement de plaisir lors de son escapade qu’il m’a refait la même chose quelques jours après. Maintenant, il est toujours en laisse et nous avons recommencé à travailler sur l’obéissance.


Crystal said...

I've told you before, but Akira is such a beautiful dog!

I was actually wondering if you would like to answer a few questions about ex-pats owning dogs in France for an article I'm writing (and would like to submit to a few American and Canadian dog magazines, such as The Bark and Modern Dog). If you are interested, could you email me at and we can exchange by e-mail?

Thanks and happy holidays to you both :)

Cynthia said...

I will e-mail you :)